Posted by: kbenoy | July 22, 2011

First Impressions

Molineux Hotel Building

I started my job as Cataloguing Archivist on 1st July 2011 and I have found the first few weeks really interesting. The Molineux Hotel building, where Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies are based is a beautifully restored Georgian building and is a pleasure to work in now I’ve learnt my way around! Everyone here has been really friendly and helped me get settled into my new role.

As this is my first professional position since completing the MA in Archives and Records Management last September it was a bit daunting to begin with. I was so excited to get this job as I am passionate about the collection and all the opportunities it has opened for me – including starting this blog! I’ve spent my first couple of weeks here getting my head around the role and having a look at the collection.

In total there are 195 boxes of material made up largely of ledgers, cash books, estate accounts, reports, correspondence and other business records like share books and minute books. The content of each box was previously unknown and much of this collection has not been viewed since deposit 15-20 years ago so it has been really exciting to start unearthing these unknown treasures!

Some items from the collection

As this collection consists of the records of a charted accountancy firm I have been doing some research into different types of accounting records and their uses through time. This is quite a new area for me as although I have dealt with business collections before I have not catalogued much in the way of detailed financial records in my previous work.

I have gone through all the boxes and created a list summarising the records in each box and the business or family they relate to, so I can start to plan the cataloguing structure for the collection. For general information on cataloguing please see the Cataloguing page. So for now I am reading, researching and planning my way ahead to make this project as interesting and successful as possible.



  1. I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but I found “Historical Accounting Records: A Guide for Archivists and Researchers” by R E Boyns, T Boyns & J R Edwards (pub. Society of Archivists, 2000), really helpful when trying to get to grips with cataloguing financial records. Good luck with the project.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. We don’t have a copy of the book here but Walsall Local History Centre have very kindly lent me their copy. I have only had a quick look so far but I think it will provide a lot of useful information.

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