Posted by: kbenoy | August 19, 2011

Accounting and Business History Links

I have been doing some research in between cataloguing the internal records of Smith, Son and Wilkie and I have come across some useful and interesting websites that I wanted to share.

The University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collection website has a really good guide called introduction to accounting records. I found the sections on Business Accounting (with a summary of double entry bookkeeping), What can they tell us? (research uses for accounting records) and the Glossary particularly interesting in the context of the Smith, Son and Wilkie collection.  

If you’re interested in other business archive collections you should take a look at the Business Archives Scotland Blog. It contains information on a wide variety of collections from around Scotland and they way they are used. Another interesting website is Managing Business Archives, although aimed more at businesses managing their own archive collection it contains some interesting case studies. The Business Archives Council exists to promote preservation, supply information and advice and encourage interest in business archives.

If you like maps and social history take a look at A Vision of Britain through time. The maps cover Britain from 1801 to 2001 and the website includes other statistical information and historic descriptions.

The University of Leicester has been working on a great project called Historical Directories. This project has allowed many historical directories to be digitised and made freely accessible and searchable online. This resource could prove very useful for the Taking Account of our Past project to help identify businesses based out of the Wolverhampton area.

I hope you have found these links useful! If you know of any websites that might be of interest please comment let me know.


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