Posted by: kbenoy | October 12, 2011

Local History Fair

The 2nd Local History Fair was held at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies on Saturday 8th October. This event included over 20 stalls for a variety of organisations related to local history including

I also had a stall to showcase the Taking Account of Our Past project and explain what the project was all about. This display included information on the background of Smith, Son & Wilkie chartered accountants, the Queen Square Syndicate property developers, Benjamin Walters and Co Ltd locksmiths and the Wolverhampton and District Butchers, Hide, Skin, Fat and Wool Company Ltd.

Taking Account of Our Past Stall

It also included a section asking if anyone remembered some of the companies represented within the collection including John Barrington and Co Ltd tea dealers, John Brotherton Ltd tubes and fittings, Craddock Brothers Ltd bootmakers, Priestfield Iron and Brick Co Ltd, Adam Boulton & Co Ltd brick manufacturers as well as those already listed.

If you have memories of any of these companies please get in touch so we can record your memories at the Archive.

As well as the display, I also had an embossing stamp originally from Benjamin Walters and Co Ltd on the stall so people could have a go at creating an embossed impression of the company logo.

Visitor trying out the Embossing Stamp

This would have originally been used to mark the company’s papers as official records.

Impression made by the Embossing Stamp

Embossing Stamp

This particular embossing stamp has been decorated with a lovely flower design, probably by employees of Benjamin Walters and Co Ltd.

Benjamin Walters and Co Ltd Embossing Stamp

The Local History Fair was a success with about 340 visitors including about 20 children. Refreshments were provided throughout the day by the Friends of the Archives. A big Thank You goes to Lisa Hale, the Archive Outreach Officer who organised this fantastic event. Without all her hard work and dedication this event would not have been possible.



  1. I am very interested in any information about Wolverhampton & District Hide Skin Fat and Wool Co Ltd. I live in Worcester and own a hide and skin company. I am always looking for historical info on any UK companies in this trade. Anything I could look at or copy would be great


    Rob Butterworth

    • Hi Rob, Thanks for the interest in the Wolverhampton & District Hide Skin Fat and Wool Co Ltd records. This part of the collection has not yet been fully catalogued but it should be completed within the next few months. The records we hold for this business are very comprehensive and include Minutes, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Registers of Members, accounts and financial papers and various correspondence. The records date from 1886, when the company was incorporated, to 1976, when they went into liquidation. Once the records are catalogued you will be welcome to view them at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies. I will write a blog about the business once this is complete. I would be interested to meet you, as you may be able to shed some light on the industry to help with our understanding of the records. If you would like further information please email me at
      Kimberley Benoy

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