Posted by: kbenoy | October 26, 2011

Cataloguing the Benjamin Walters & Co Ltd papers

I have almost finished cataloguing the papers of the Wolverhampton Locksmith company Benjamin Walters. This is the first set of client business records I have catalogued so it has taken a bit of time to get to grips with the range of records and to arrange them each into series. There are 40 items from Benjamin Walters & Co Ltd in this collection that I have arranged over seven categories consisting of:

  1. Corporate and Management Records
  2. Legal Records
  3. Financial and Accounting Records
  4. Employment Records
  5. Operational and Sales Records
  6. Property Records
  7. Correspondence

The diagram below shows the cataloguing structure used for these records and how they fit into the wider Smith, Son & Wilkie collection.

Benjamin Walters Cataloguing Structure

Each of the seven series contains a number of individual items, with examples shown in the red boxes.

Unfortunately, these records are just a fraction of the amount that would have been produced over the 200 years Benjamin Walters were in business but they are able to give a picture of the nature of the company and their trade, particularly during the 1950s-1960s.

As well as cataloguing these records, I have also repackaged and reboxed them to ensure they are properly preserved and to prepare them for use.

Benjamin Walters papers - reboxed and labelled

Three items from the Benjamin Walters papers are awaiting conservation by Jon the Conservator. The letters are going to be cleaned and flattened out, the sales day book will have the spine label reattached and the leather consolidated with repairs to the corners and the book of debentures will have the spine reattached. I’ll bring you more details of the conservation work next week, once it has been completed.

Next, I am going to catalogue the papers of Craddock Brothers Ltd, Bootmakers of Wolverhampton.


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