Posted by: kbenoy | November 9, 2011

Memories Page

This week I would like to introduce the Memories section of the blog. The idea of this section is to add information about each business as I catalogue the records and write the administrative history to build up a picture of the businesses represented within the Smith, Son & Wilkie collection. Typically, an administrative history includes a summary of the business history including:

  • date established
  • nature of the business
  • changes to business name
  • if and when the business was incorporated
  • location of premises
  • people behind the business
  • significant events for the business
  • date closed

This kind of information can be found using Trade Directories, records of the business themselves, the London Gazette, local newspapers, census and parish registers, the probate calendar, local history books and other records held at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies.

Research Materials

I would like to thank the volunteers on the Taking Account of Our Past project for their hard work researching the background of the businesses with records in this collection. Without their help and determination it would not be possible to produce administrative histories for the businesses and people in this collection to such a high level.

Administrative histories are a great resource for local history and generally, they are available in the top level of a catalogue entry. If you search the Black Country History site and find some records you are interested in, the administrative history will be in the highest level of the catalogue entry for that collection.

Under the Memories section there will be a page for each business. So far, I have only added the page for Benjamin Walters & Co Ltd but more businesses will be added soon. Each page has a comments section at the bottom and I am hoping that people who remember the businesses will add their comments and memories or get in touch so they can be recorded with the project.


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