Posted by: kbenoy | November 23, 2011

British Wrought Iron Association

This week I have catalogued the records of the British Wrought Iron Association (1927 – 1934). This association consisted of businesses from across the UK that produced Wrought Iron including:


  • Colvilles Ltd, Glasgow
  • Etna Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Motherwell
  • William Martin, Sons & Co, Dundyvan Iron Works, Coatbridge
  • Pather Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Wishaw
  • Scottish Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Glasgow
  • Smith & McLean Ltd, Glasgow

North-East Coast:

  • Raine & Co Ltd, Gibb Chambers, Newcastle-on-Tyne
  • W Richards & Sons Ltd, Middlesborough
  • South Durham Steel & Iron Co Ltd, Middlesborough
  • Samuel Tyzack & Co Ltd, Monkwearmouth Iron & Steel Works, Sunderland


  • The Lancashire Steel Corporation Ltd, Irlam
  • H Lees & Sons Ltd, Park Bridge Iron Works, Ashton-under-Lyme
  • Monks, Hall & Co Ltd, Warrington
  • Thomas Walmsley & Sons, Atlas Forge, Bolton

South Yorkshire & Derbyshire:

  • The Buttlerley Co Ltd, Butterley Iron Works, Derby
  • The Coghlan Steel & Iron Co Ltd, Hunslet Forge, Leeds
  • Midland Iron Co Ltd, Midland Iron Works, Rotherham
  • The Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co Ltd, Chesterfield

South Staffordshire:

  • John Bagnall & Sons Ltd, Wednesbury
  • John Bradley & Co Ltd, Stourbridge
  • George Gadd & Co Ltd, Church Lane Iron Works, Tipton
  • Harts Hill Iron Co Ltd, Brierley Hill
  • N Hingley & Sons Ltd, Netherton Iron Works, Dudley
  • Johnson’s Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Hall End Iron Works, West Bromwich
  • E Parkes & Co Ltd, Atlas Iron Works, West Bromwich
  • Patent Shaft & Axletree Co Ltd, Wednesbury
  • Joseph Penn & Co Ltd, Cradley Heath
  • F W Ratcliffe & Co Ltd, Anchor Iron Works, Oldbury
  • Shropshire Iron Co Ltd, Hadley

This collection also includes a large coloured railway map showing regions of the British Wrought Iron Association in England and Wales produced by W & AK Johnson Limited, Geographers, Engravers and Printers of Edina Works, Easter Road & 2 Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

Map showing the regions of the British Wrought Iron Association

The map shows the following areas:

A – Scotland Associations Area
B – North East Coast Associations Area
D – Lancashire Associations Area
E – South Yorkshire Associations Area
F – East Anglia
G – South Staffordshire Associations Area
M – London Area

More detailed sections are included for London, Newcastle, Leeds and Bradford, The Potteries, South Wales, Birmingham and Wolverhampton, Sheffield and Nottingham, Chester and Wrexham, Liverpool and Manchester.
Scale 1: 520,000

Most of the records in this collection include returns from the member companies informing the association how many tonnes of wrought iron products including fire bars, billets, puddle and scrap bars and finished wrought iron items they have sold both to the home market and export market.

There is no explanation of what happened to the association after 1934. Wrought Iron production gradually decreased in the UK with the introduction of steel and production finally ceased around the 1960s.


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