Posted by: kbenoy | December 14, 2011

National Manuscripts Conservation Trust Grant

We have had some very good news this week at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies. Earlier in the year we applied for funding through the National Manuscripts Conservation Trust to help to pay for the Conservation materials required by the Smith, Son and Wilkie collection. We found out this week we have been awarded the grant, which will help to pay for the Conservation materials required to stabilise the collection and ensure it is correctly packaged.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow includes some images of records from the Smith, Son and Wilkie collection that require Conservation work.

The Conservation work required for each item is different. The minimum each record will get is correct packaging and labelling to ensure it will be properly protected while in storage. Some records just need cleaning to remove the surface dirt to make them nicer to handle, others require much more extensive work or repairs.

The amount of work each item receives depends on its current state. As you can see in the pictures above, some of the records came into the Archives in a very poor state having been stored in damp conditions. Jon, the Conservator makes the decision on the work to carry out but as the Archivist working on the collection I am able to advise how important the records are in relation to expected usage. Working as a team, we are able to ensure the records are conserved and packaged appropriately for their use.

The money from this grant will allow the archives to buy more conservation materials including boxes, folders, envelopes, archive tape, labels and repair supplies that this collection will need to be made fully accessible. As more conservation work gets underway I will keep you updated and make sure we take many photos and maybe even make a video to show some conservation work in action.


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