Posted by: kbenoy | January 25, 2012

More catalogue entries go online

This week I have reached another milestone in the Taking Account of Our Past project. I have completed the cataloguing of the internal Smith, Son & Wilkie records showing the work of the accountants in relation to their clients. This part of the collection has been split into four sections:

  1. Financial and Accounting records
  2. Employment records
  3. Operational records
  4. Wilkie Family papers

The records relating to the accountants were split into these categories as they relate closely to the way they would have been used and created.

The Financial and Accounting records section contains records like Clients Account Books, Cash Books and Ledgers.

Cash Book & Ledger

Clients Account Book

Page from a Clients Account Book

The Employment records section contains records like Wages Books and Correspondence regarding employees.

The Operational records section contains records that were used in the operation or day-to-day running of the accountants including Time Summaries, Time Ledgers, records of Billing, Office Cash Book, correspondence regarding the business premises and a book recording Fire Insurance Policies sold through the accountants as agents for Norwich Union.

Page from a Time Summary

Time Summary & Time Ledger

Page from a Time Ledger

Page from the Fire Insurance Book

The Wilkie Family records section of the collection contains in the most part records relating to the Estate and Trust of George Golightly Wilkie of Doncaster, brother of Mein Wilkie the accountant. This collection contains a wealth of information on the Wilkie family and details of the life and assets of George Golightly Wilkie.

Wilkie Family records before cataloguing


Wilkie family records after cataloguing

These records are now available for use at Wolverhampton Archives & Local Studies. If you would like to view any of the records please make a note of the reference number from the description on the Black Country History website so we can retrieve them for you.


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