Posted by: kbenoy | February 8, 2012

Adam Boulton & Co Ltd: Early Story

Adam Boulton & Co were brick and tile manufacturers in Shropshire. The records we have for the business within the Smith, Son & Wilkie collection relate mostly to the period from 1939 when Adam Boulton & Co became a limited company but this is not the start of the story….

Adam Boulton was born around 1846 and by the 1880s had gone into partnership with William Summers to form ‘Summers & Boulton’, coal factors based at Dawley and Shrewsbury. This partnership was dissolved in 1886 and by 1891 Adam Boulton was described as a Coal Factor and Brick manufacturer.

Directories for 1891 show a business called A. Boulton & Co operating as Coal Factors and Colliery Agents in Central Chambers, Shrewsbury and Lime Burners in Much Wenlock. The Victoria County History for Shropshire contains an interesting entry regarding the Randlay Brickworks, which were established by the Botfields and in 1893 leased to George Wilkinson. He went into partnership with Adam Boulton to form ‘Randlay Brick & Tile Co’, which later became Adam Boulton & Co. In 1898, the partners bought the works and surrounding land and used this area commercially until 1960s.

By 1895 A. Boulton & Co were described as “Coal Shippers & Factors, Lime Masters, Cement Manufacturers & Quarry Owners” and even had their own advert in the 1895 edition of Kelly’s Directory for Shropshire.

A. Boulton & Co advert in Kelly's Shropshire Directory, 1895

In 1918 the partnership between George Wilkinson and the Executors and Trustees of Adam Boulton deceased, who were carrying on business as manufacturers of and dealers in bricks, tiles, and pipes as ‘Randlay Brick & Tile Company’ was dissolved. The business called Adam Boulton & Co continued to be run by the children of Adam Boulton for many decades to come.

The records of Adam Boulton & Co in this collection start in 1922 with a book of Annual Accounts. The records also include Minute Books from 1939 when the company became a limited company right up to the late 1960s when the company closed. The oldest volume dates from 1916 and comprises of the Estate Ledger for Adam Boulton deceased.
I am going to continue cataloguing this collection and next week I will give the next part in the Adam Boulton & Co story.

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