Posted by: kbenoy | February 15, 2012

Adam Boulton & Co Ltd: Part Two – Estate Account

Following on from my post last week, I am going to continue with the story of Adam Boulton & Co Ltd, Brick and Tile manufactures from Shropshire.

Adam Boulton died in 1916 and one of the earliest volumes in the collection relates to his Estate Accounts.

The Estate Ledger for Adam Boulton deceased

The volume begins with his Estate Account, which shows the money paid out from his Estate on the left page and the money paid into his Estate on the right from the time he died. Generally, the money paid out includes items like debts due from the deceased, funeral expenses, estate duty, settled legacy etc.

Estate Account Page 1

The Estate would generally comprise of:

  • stocks and shares held by the deceased (valued for probate on the date of death)
  • interest on the shares
  • cash in the house
  • cash in the business
  • debts due to the deceased
  • life insurance policies
  • household goods
  • share in the business

Each entry in the Estate Account is linked to an individual account later in the ledger with a reference number on the right hand side of the entry.

Entry in the Estate account

The entry seen above, dated 22 September 1916, “By Deceased’s Share as a Partner in the Firm of the Randlay Brick and Tile Co”, is linked to page 11 and shows a value of £6,303 13s 4d. This entry relates to value in the Estate and is on the right hand page of the Estate Accounts. The matching entry on page 11 is part of the account for A Boulton and Co and is shown on the left page as it is money owed from the business to the Estate Account of Adam Boulton deceased. The matching entry can be seen about a third of the way down the page, listed as part of the money owed from the business to the Estate.

Matching entry for the individual account

The individual accounts in the Estate Ledger give a fascinating insight into the life of Adam Boulton and the arrangements he had made for the distribution of his effects, valued at £37,424 8s 11d for probate. In 1925 a donation of £105 was made to Salop Infirmary from his share in the Capital Account of A Boulton & Co. The accounts show that the Estate of Adam Boulton deceased had a Loan Account with the Company and loans were regularly made and repaid between the business and the Estate. The accounts also show he was a Director of Arenig Granite Co Ltd.

As well as having shares in his own business, Adam Boulton was also a shareholder of H Addison and Co Ltd, Wellington Golf Club Ltd, Shrewsbury and Wem Brewery Co Ltd, Great Wyrley Colliery Co Ltd and Barclay and Co Ltd.  He also invested in National War Bonds for his daughter Dorothy Winifred Boulton.

The way these accounts work and how the entries in the ledgers are linked together is quite difficult to explain but I hope this summary makes sense! Estate records are very interesting as they give a snapshot of the financial position of the deceased at the time of their death and include details of property, business interests, investments, loans, household expenses etc.

Next week I will conclude the story of Adam Boulton & Co Ltd, the business and give details of their journey from becoming a limited company in 1939 to closing due to the formation of Dawley New Town.


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