Posted by: kbenoy | February 21, 2012

Volunteering at the Archives

This week is Student Volunteering Week and to mark the occasion, we are taking our Student Volunteers on a day out to visit all four Arts and Heritage Sites:

This day out should allow the Student Volunteers from different sites to meet and share experiences and give them the opportunity to get an understanding of the work carried out at each site.

Also this week, I will be sharing some of the thoughts and reflections of our current Student Volunteers at the Archives.

Today, Luke explains why he volunteers at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies. Luke is a second year History student at the University of Wolverhampton currently volunteering as part of a Work Experience module.

The Wolverhampton City Archives is a great place to volunteer especially for someone who enjoys looking at history and historical documents. History plays an integral part in every person’s life no matter what background you may come from, and helping the public discover or find documents that are useful to them really does put a smile on a volunteer’s face. I have learnt that to be an archivist is a lot more than just looking at documents and seeing what you can get out of them. Although, this is very useful, the key thing is as a volunteer you get to learn key archivist skills such as cataloguing historical documents and also conservation in which you learn how to preserve historical documents. As a volunteer it brings great satisfaction when you can get involved in archival/local projects because there is so much you can learn from looking at local history. Volunteers are an integral part of the system which keeps the archives going and thus it is more essential than ever for people who would think about volunteering at the archives to participate in keeping local history in Wolverhampton and its surrounding areas going for many years to come.

For more information on Volunteering within Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage see here. The majority of volunteer positions are currently filled but new opportunities arise regularly. Another way to get involved with Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies is through the Friends Group.


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