Posted by: kbenoy | February 23, 2012

Reflections of a Volunteer

Today, I would like to share the reflections of another student volunteer at the Archives. Tom is a first year War Studies student at the University of Wolverhampton and is volunteering as part of a Work Placement module.

The time that I have spend at the Wolverhampton Archives as a volunteer has been brief, yet I feel that I have learned a great deal of knowledge on Wolverhampton and its local areas. As I am a student in my first year of my degree, I did not put that much effort in to looking at the city of Wolverhampton history before I travelled up here from my home town of Hastings. However after being shown the skills to be able to track down information within the archive I now feel that I can find anything that a member of the public requires or just myself being interested in the local history. Only the other week I found records on soldiers who fought and died for England during the First and Second World Wars who lived in Wolverhampton. Since I found those records I have been on a search for more to see if there is anymore gold to be found. I would highly recommend anyone to come to visit the Wolverhampton Archives and have a look through their records, more likely or not you’ll find something you were not expecting.  

For more information on Volunteering please see my previous post on Volunteering at the Archives.


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