Posted by: kbenoy | March 14, 2012

UK Web Archive

I am pleased to announce that this blog will be archived as part of the British Library‘s UK Web Archive. Having started in 2004, the UK Web Archive has stored websites “that reflect the rich diversity of lives and interests throughout the UK”. The Web Archive allows sites to be viewed as they were originally intended with all the internal links within the site remaining functional. The Web Archive preserves sites that no longer exist and also provides a traceable history of use of the web in the UK.

UK Web Archive Homepage

The UK Web Archive can be searched or browsed by:

  • subject
  • special collection
  • website title

The special collections area brings together archived sites on a linked theme such as the UK Elections, Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012, the London Terror Attacks and Darwin 200. There is an option to view the special collections on a 3D wall to browse through the different sites archived and choose the relevant site and archived version.

UK Web Archive Special Collections 3D Wall

We are very pleased that this blog and all the information about the Taking Account of Our Past project will be preserved and kept with so many other valuable websites and blogs to create a picture of the UK web over time. The UK Web Archive represents an early step taken to address the challenge of archiving in the digital age and ensuring a record will be kept of activity on the web.


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