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The Life of Samuel Loveridge

Further research into Samuel Loveridge has revealed more about his life. His obituary was published in the Wolverhampton Chronicle and Express and Star in the days following his death on 10th March 1906 aged 85 and states that despite being in poor health his death was unexpected. In the week before his death he had taken carriage exercise around Tettenhall and had visited the Albrighton Hunt at Wrottesley.

Samuel Loveridge began his career in Wolverhampton as an auctioneer, working in partnership with Mr Randall Shaw Walker during the 1840s. After his marriage to Ann Pepperill Clark in 1846 he joined T C Clark and Co, the firm of her father Thomas Clark. He continued to be involved with the Iron Foundry firm, based at the Shakespeare Foundry in Horseley Fields until around 1903 when he retired due to declining health.

After the death of his wife Ann Pepperill in 1862, Samuel married again to Catherine Underhill in 1865. Catherine was the daughter of Joseph Underhill and the sister of James E Underhill of the Solicitors Underhill and Thorneycroft. Catherine died in 1905, the year before Samuel.

Samuel Loveridge was described as “largely interested in the commercial life” of Wolverhampton including:

  • Director and Chairman of the Wolverhampton Cemetery Company
  • Director and Vice-chairman of the Wolverhampton Gas Company
  • Chairman of the Wolverhampton Waterworks Company
  • Director of the Old Union Mill Company
  • Director of the Patent Shaft and Axletree Company
  • Director of the Oldbury Wagon Company

It was also noted that Samuel Loveridge was the “Chairman of Henry Loveridge and Co Ltd, the old tin-plate and japan works of Merridale Street, of which [his] elder brother was the former proprietor”.

In 1867 Samuel Loveridge was appointed to the Commission of Peace for the county borough of Wolverhampton. Alderman FD Gibbons, who was chairman of the Wolverhampton borough magistrates stated that “he was a borough magistrate and gentleman who was highly respected and looked up to in the town”.

His funeral was held at Merridale Cemetery on Wednesday 14th March. Many other family members were interred in the same grave including:

  • Amy Loveridge, daughter of Samuel and Ann – b. 1847 d. 1860 aged 13
  • Ann Pepperill Loveridge, first wife of Samuel – b. 1825 d. 1862 aged 38
  • Cicely Loveridge, daughter of Samuel and Ann – b. 1850 d. 1863 aged 13
  • Cecil Clark Loveridge, grandson of Samuel (son of Thomas Clark Loveridge and Florence) – b. 1880 d. 1880 aged 11 days
  • Thomas Clark Loveridge, son of Samuel and Ann – b. 1852 d.1884 aged 32
  • Catherine Loveridge, second wife of Samuel, b. 1821 d. 1905 aged 84

The information in this post has been sourced from:

‘Death of S. Loveridge, ESQ., J.P.’, Wolverhampton Chronicle, 14 March 1906, p. 4

‘The Late Mr. S Loveridge, J.P. Funeral at Wolverhampton’, Express and Star, 14 March 1906, p. 4

Indexes for Burials at Merridale Cemetery, Jeffcock Road 1850-1937 available online here.



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