Posted by: kbenoy | August 1, 2012

Completion of Mouldy Mander cleaning!

This week the final box of ‘Mouldy Mander’ papers have been cleaned ready for further conservation and cataloguing. This is the culmination of 6 months work by dedicated volunteers Bronny and Frank to carefully clean 16 boxes of records.

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This part of the project involved working box by box and item by item to brush away the surface dirt and dust to leave the records clean and ready for handling. By assisting with this basic but time consuming conservation work, the volunteers have allowed Jon the Conservator to complete more complex tasks.

This work has been an essential part of the ongoing process to catalogue and make the records of the Smith, Son & Wilkie collection available to the public. Despite being known as the ‘Mouldy Mander’ records, this part of the collection includes the records of Benjamin Reynolds deceased and Ellen Maria Wilkes deceased as well as the Trust of Samuel Small Mander. Now the records are cleaned they can be sorted and arranged ready for cataloguing.

Further conservation work will be required on some of the records in this part of the collection but this has been highlighted as the items have been cleaned. Further blog entries will give information on this work as it progresses.

I would like to thank the volunteers involved in this part of the project for their dedication to what can only be described as a dull task!


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