Posted by: kbenoy | August 8, 2012

Craddock Brothers – Queen Square Then and Now

This week I have a Then and Now image for you from Queen Square, Wolverhampton featuring one of the Craddock Brothers shoe and boot shops around the turn of the 20th century and a modern day picture taken in the last week.

View of the Craddock Brothers Shop in Queen Square P/3944

This image is taken from Wolverhampton Archive and Local Studies photo collection and can be found on our online catalogue at the reference P/3944. The Craddock Brothers shop at 22 Queen Square is known to date from at least 1892.

View of Queen Square in 2012

This modern day image, kindly supplied by Frank Lockley, shows the same building today, now occupied by a charity shop. The area in front of the shop is now pedestrianized but the buildings themselves seem externally unchanged. Craddock Brothers were bought by Clarks in 1964 and put into liquidation a decade later leading to the closure of their shops.



  1. Your readers may be interested to know that you can purchase prints of the Craddock Brothers shop photograph from the Black Country prnts website:

    All profits from the sale of these prints go back to the Archives to help conservation work etc.

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