Posted by: kbenoy | August 22, 2012

Back to Cataloguing

After the excitement of the last few weeks and winning the National Volunteer Award 2012 it has been nice to get back to cataloguing. There is still a fair amount to do as I am now working on the records of the family or personal clients of the accountants.

Loveridge Volumes

I am continuing to catalogue the records of the Trust of Samuel Loveridge deceased, which I started to catalogue before finding out about the award. I am hoping to finish cataloguing the remaining Loveridge records by the end of this week.

So what else is there to catalogue?

The family or personal records mainly regard trusts set up to divide assets in accordance with a will. Money was often left in the form of an investment made on behalf of the beneficiary by the trust, where the beneficiary would receive the interest on the investment. Trusts often lasted for a number of years depending on the provision set out in the will.

Some of the families represented in this collection include:

  • Samuel Loveridge deceased
  • Arthur Briscoe deceased
  • Frederick William Plant Deceased
  • Ellen Maria Wilkes deceased of Sandford Estate, Claverley
  • William Hodson deceased
  • John Edward Butler deceased
  • Samuel Small Mander deceased

I will be telling some of their stories through the blog over the next few months, using information from the records and research carried out by our project volunteers.


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