John Barrington & Co Ltd

Established in 1887 in Liverpool, John Barrington & Co were Tea Merchants involved with importing, blending, packaging and selling Tea. A main part of their trade involved packing and blending tea and distributing it to the retail trade. John Barrington & Co is listed in the 1894 Kelly’s Directory of Liverpool and Birkenhead under Tea Dealers and Grocers at 2A Spofforth Road, Wavertree Bridge, Edge Hill. In 1900 the business was listed in Gore’s Directory of Liverpool & Birkenhead as Barrington John & Co. 141 Earle Road E under the heading Grocers and Tea Dealers.

By 1901 John and his family had moved to Wolverhampton and in the 1904 Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire the business can be found listed as Barrington John & Co, Tea Merchants, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton. By 1924 the business is listed as being in Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton possibly at the Royal London Buildings where they were known later.

The company was incorporated on 22 June 1938 with the initial shareholders being John Barrington, Rowland Barrington, John Kennerley Barrington and Hazel Kate Barrington. The subscribed capital was 14,997 shares of £1 each, which were all allotted and paid. John Barrington died on 31 December 1949 and his brother Rowland took over the business.

An article in the Wolverhampton Chronicle (28-12-1962 and 18-08-1965) states that the firm began with four employees and by 1965 had over twenty employees and the company handled about 20 tons of tea each week. Rowland died on 1 April 1960 and his widow Gladys took his place to become a Director. By 1965 John Kennerley Barrington had become Managing Director of the business following the death of his father Rowland Barrington.


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